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The L&L Skin MIO2 face massager is a product that can treat your skin with three modes, including skin tightening. Each mode can be adjusted in three levels, and there is a timer function to prevent excessive use.

The skin temperature increased by about 1.1°C on average. Both of the monitors said that they felt warm and fuzzy even after the application. As for the firming effect, "the firmness lasted until the next morning" and "I got a good effect" were some of the comments, and the evaluation was above average.

The stimulation is relatively weak, so even those who are sensitive to pain can use it. The instruction manual was not always easy to understand, but we appreciate the large head that is easy to apply to the skin with few bumps, and the simple course settings that make it easy to operate.

This is a best buy lift-up facial device that is less irritating and easier to feel the effects.

RF Facial Machine EH-SR73 is a product that claims to use RF and ultrasound to lift the skin. The top part of the head is straight for easy skin lifting. In addition, the center of the head moves up and down according to the lines of the face to adhere to the skin.

The average temperature increase was about 1.65 degrees Celsius, and the product was able to warm up the skin well. When testing the firmness of the skin, some users said that they felt a softening of the skin, especially on the face line.

There are vibrations and stinging sensations, but they are not painful, and are just the right amount of stimulation to make you feel like you are being cared for. The head, which is just the right size for a woman's face, the easy-to-follow operation instructions, and the instruction manual with all the essentials were also rated above average.

This product is recommended for those who want to warm up their skin while feeling a pleasant stimulation.

L&L Skin MAMI Hot and Cold beauty device is a facial machine that provides EMS and ultrasonic care, and can also be used on the body, including the stomach and arms.

The average skin temperature was raised by about 0.5 degrees Celsius, and both of the monitors felt that the warmth lasted for a long time. As for the feeling of firmness, the product received high praise: "The hardness of my face was removed and my skin became firmer and remained soft the next day.

The intensity of the stimulation depends on the amount of gel you apply, and if you apply a lot of gel, you will feel a stinging sensation as if your hair is being pulled. The head is large, so it takes some getting used to in order to apply it in detail. The instruction manual has a lot of information and needs to be read carefully, but the operation is simple and straightforward: just start it up and select a course.

This product is suitable for people who want to use it easily and feel the effects immediately.

The RF Facial Radiance is a facial device that uses "multi-polar technology" to deliver radio waves evenly and widely. The care level can be selected from three levels depending on the skin condition.

The skin temperature is raised by about 0.5 degrees Celsius on average, scoring an average in the verification of warmth. Immediately after using the product, I could feel my skin tightening, but the effect did not last until the next day.

There is no tingling sensation, only warmth and plucking vibrations from the head. This makes it easy to apply even for those who are sensitive to pain and stimulation. All of the monitors gave the product a perfect score for its simplicity and ease of use. The angled head, which is easy to apply to the skin and glides easily, and the instruction manual with illustrations on how to apply the product are also highly rated.

Face Massager

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